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We are looking for a young energetic and enthusisastic business associate to expand our business network. The person/persons should have a flair for interacting with students and setting up strong relations with the students on long term basis. Interaction online and beyond line is the most desirable quality. Our some other expectations are:

1) The applicant should be having office premises or business purpose accomodation having at least 100-200 sq.feet area.

2) The applicant should have knowledge of computer anf good convincing and communicating skills.

3) Internet connection is a must.

4)The subscriber will get 40% of the total amount charged from the candidate . He/she can deduct the aforesaid amount from the total amount dispatching the payment.

However the profit of the subscriber can be enhenced if one gives more admissions to the institution.

5) The expenses for the local advertisements within the reach of the subscriber should be born by the subscriber himself

We know that we are not expecting which you cannot offer. But in lieu of that we have many things to offer you and that too hansomely.
We offer following facilities:

a) Course material :

i) We offer you course material written by reputed teachers and experts. The material is available online in the form of Notes , Assignments, MCQ's (Multiple Choice Questions) and sample question papers.

ii) The same material is available in the form of CD's and printed assignment, if you feel the urge of possessing it for a longer period. But for this you will have to pay nominal extra charges.

iii) We are also keen to provide interaction session for the students but that will become possible after the attainment of a particular strength.

iv) The institution is providing a readymade platform for the subscribers by advertising in all the reputed newspapers.


1) Each subscriber will remit Rs.10,000 as a registration fee which is refundable within 2 years in two equal installments

provided you cover a target of 100 admissions within the first 6 months of your association with us.

2) The registration fee is to be remitted through a Demand draft in favour of

3) Each subscriber will have to cover a target of 20 admissions in first 30 days of the contract failing to which your subscription will stand cancelled.

4) No subscriber will be allowed / authorised to use the studt material for duplication or any other purpose to be treated as unfair by the company by laws. If a person is found to be involved in any such unfair practices his subscription will stand cancelled.


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